Captain Jack the cat is looking for a new home

9 years old (approx)
More Info:

Captain Jack is a lovely boy who unfortunately suffers from allergies, due to this he needs to be kept on a  special diet of z/d only alongside with Yumega oil and is not allowed any treats. This dose not stop him from being an indoor /outdoor cat.

He would be best suited to a home with no other cats or dogs due to his skin problem and also a home with no children as stress can cause more problems with his skin. The z/d diet is not much more expensive then a good quality diet. He is a lovely boy who needs a special home where he can get all the love he needs.

If you are interested in adopting a cat fromt he GSPCA please see our adoption page for details or call 01481 257261

Captain Jack the cat is looking for a new home
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