Skye and Snowy are now both in their new home

4 years
More Info:
Skye and Snowy are both house cats and are looking for a home together, these lovely boys need a home as only pets with no children and due to their size they are not suitable for small flat living and require either a house, bungalow or very large flat to live in. Skye is the more outgoing of the two and likes to help with whatever you are doing and Snowy is more cautious and can be a little nervous, however once he gets to know you he is just as lovely. Snowy is very good to groom and this will need to be done at least once a week to prevent matt,s from forming as their coats are very thick, Skye however really dose not like being groomed and due to this he will require groom outs at the vets from time to time. As house cats their environment needs to be as stimulating as possible to avoid any unwanted behaviour issues from arising, it is always a good idea to research a house cats needs if you are thinking of having one.

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Skye and Snowy are now both in their new home
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