Our experienced team of dog behaviour counsellors and trainers provides behaviour advice, training and rehabilitation for any pet problems ranging from inappropriate urination and barking to aggression and fearfulness. This service enables us to help people who may be considering giving their dog up for re-homing. It allows us to work with families and offer support and advice in an effort to prevent them having to part with their pets.

While we do not charge a set consultation fee we do ask that people make a minimum donation of £15 per hour to the Shelter. 

Before embarking on any training and behaviour modification programme you must ensure that your dog is in good health and has seen a veterinary surgeon.

You should also remember that dogs only do what works; i.e. repeat behaviour that is rewarded. A ‘reward’ can be something positive such as a pat, smile, going to the toilet when anxious or a titbit but it can also be something negative such as a smack, a glare or a raised voice. Dogs also find lots of behaviour such as digging, jumping up and barking ‘inherently’ rewarding i.e. they are ‘normal’ behaviours and therefore enjoyable for the dog to practise. They also exhibit these behaviours when stressed as a means of displacing their anxiety.  All other non beneficial behaviours are quickly abandoned as dogs, unlike humans, don’t waste their energy on things that do not benefit them.

Basic training and behaviour advice sheets:


Introducing your dog to other dogs

Jumping up

Puppy Biting

Basic Recall

How to strengthen Recall

Tuggy Games

Food Guarding

To get the best out of your dog you should identify what motivates your dog and avoid the use of punishment.



We also run 6 weeks courses for Puppy, Beginner and Graduates using kind, fair and effective training methods.

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