Not too late to check you bonfires for hedgehogs and other wildlife

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With only a few hours to go the GSPCA are urging those with bonfires to ensure that you assemble them this evening and to think of the wildlife and pets in your area.

Every year hedgehogs and other animals that take refuge in bonfires before they are lit and are put at risk.

Please check you bonfires thoroughly and if you are having a display this evening please let your neighbors know so they can ensure their pets are safe and sound.


FIREWORK ADVICE from the GSPCA and calendar of displays

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Every year we hear of firework related incidents involving animals and children. While fireworks may be exciting and pretty to look at and its fun to celebrate Guy Fawkes with a bang, we must put our safety and the safety of our pets and the local wildlife first.  Over the coming weeks our Animal Welfare Team will be visiting islands’ schools in an effort to promote the Fire work code and advise people how to keep themselves and their animals safe.

Lorna Prince GSPCA Welfare Manager said "Fireworks this year are being sold between 28th October and 5th November."


WARNING & ADVICE FROM THE GSPCA - with fireworks due please keep your animals safe & think of those around you

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This week many will mark the 5th November with firework parties.

Last year the GSPCA launched a calendar and asks those having public and private displays to let us know so we can have a central location for those around Guernsey know where and when these events take place.  The calendar is linked to the GSPCA Twitter and Facebook pages so that reminders are sent out earlier in the day during these events.


Fire Safety Awareness Poster Competition - win a party at the KGV & their 3G pitch for your Year Group

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Fire Safety Awareness Competition!

Design a fire safety poster & win a PARTY at the KGV on the 3G pitch for your whole school year group (food and entertainment will be provided)

Entries will be displayed at the 'DOG FRIENDLY BONFIRE PARTY' at the KGV on 13th November starting at 6pm

Tickets on sale with details below

Entries to be in to the GSPCA by Monday 10th November

Here are some topic ideas…


New GSPCA Firework Calendar to help pet owners in Guernsey

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This week at the GSPCA we have launched a new calendar specifically to help pet owners and those affected by fireworks in Guernsey.

The calendar has been embedded in a number of our web pages and is dedicated to being a central location to check when there are firework displays in Guernsey.

Over the last few years when we have been made aware of firework events we have used our social media to help inform pet owners to help them prepare their animals and pets to reduce their stress and problems they can cause.


Bonfire Dog Friendly Fun Family Evening & BBQ Thursday 13th November with the GSPCA & KGV

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GSPCA & KGV Bonfire Dog Friendly Fun Family Evening & BBQ from 6pm at the KGV including a Dog Night Safety Wear Fun Fashion Show at 645pm & School Poster Competition winner announced at 715pm on Thursday 13th November 2014.


**We are kindly asking to please refrain from arranging a firework event on Thursday 13th November**

Pre Booked Family (max 5 persons) Car - £7.50 (Dogs FREE)

Pre Booked Family on Foot (max 5 persons) - £5.00 (Dogs FREE)

Adult (on the night) - £2.00 (Dogs FREE)