A huge thank you to Hemu from the GSPCA and St Andrews Floral Group for such an amazing Mural

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Over the last few weeks a young artist from Blanchelande School has been back and forth at the GSPCA to help provide a stunning back drop to our conservation area.

Hemu Khankashi from year 11 has helped provide a stunning mural on a wall facing the pond, picnic area and Poison Garden at the GSPCA.

The building has been a very plain beige for over 60 years and thanks to Hemu it has been brought to life with pictures of wildlife and plants adding to the amazing work that St Andrews Floral Group and so many others have helped with around the GSPCA grounds.


Thank you to Island FM, Regency Bedding, Cherry Godfrey and DWA Flooring for their support from the GSPCA

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Recently Carrie O'Regan from Island FM popped into the GSPCA with a wonderful donation.

Island FM along with Regency Bedding, Cherry Godfrey and DWA Flooring have helped with some major events this year and not only helped promote them they also helped raise additional funds.

Regency Bedding with Island FM helped organise and run the Easter Eggstravaganze at Rue Mainguy in April and DWA Flooring with Island FM helped with the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday in May. At both events Island FM brought along the Cherry Godfrey Cash Shower.


6 last week and 8 new volunteers this week join the GSPCA for the 7th & 8th volunteer inductions of 2017

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Last week we held our seventh volunteer induction of 2017 and on Tuesday our eighth at the GSPCA and saw a wonderful 14 new helpers keen to learn how they can get involved with us here at the Animal Shelter adding to the 110 inducted this year taking this years inducted volunteers to a total of 124 not including others that have helped from businesses, groups and other organisations.


BBQ & Bubble Charity Shop relaunch a lovely evening - GSPCA Charity Shop now open 7 days a week with refreshments on sale

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Last Tuesday from 4pm the GSPCA held a BBQ & Bubbles evening in the sunshine all free of charge to celebrate the reopening of our onsite charity shop.

The shop which is open 7 days a week now has a new floor and look and is staffed 7 days a week and if you would like to help volunteer we have an induction evening at 630pm on Tuesday 11th July and others set later this month.


Speakers visit the GSPCA to help rabbit owners & workers against the deadly RHVD2

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Last Tuesday the GSPCA held a special training session to help rabbit owners and professionals that work or care for bunnies due to the outbreak of RHVD2 recently.

The event was open to everyone and was completely free of charge and we saw representatives from local garden centres, owners and many of the GSPCA staff and volunteers

The training took place at 130pm on Tuesday 4th at the GSPCA with two key speakers.


GSPCA & St Andrews Floral Group with friends welcome the judges from the 2017 Floral Guernsey Community Competition

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Last Tuesday just after 1030am the GSPCA welcomed Sue Wood RHS Judge from Harrogate in the UK and Alan Dorey a local judge along with St Andrews Floral Group, their many volunteers and supporters, as well as a number of guests.

After a tour of St Andrews Parish with Group Leader Ann Wragg the judging group arrived at the Animal Shelter where the local Floral Group along with scores of supporters and helpers have been transforming the group into a rich and stunning place for visitors and local wildlife.


Pop along to the Motor Festival Seafront Sunday & enjoy a great day & see our GSPCA stall - 16th July

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This Sunday pop into St Peter Port to join the Motor Festival Seafront Sunday.

The GSPCA have been welcomed to this wonderful event and will have a stall along the seafront with our many games raising funds for the 450+ animals in our care.

Michelle Champion is looking for volunteers and if you can help please email her - fundraising@gspca.org.gg

It all takes place on the 16th July and we will be setting up near the Taj Restaurant and the days events begin from 10am until 4pm when the packing away begins.


Thank you to all involved with Le Viaër Marchi and supported the GSPCA stall

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On Monday the 3rd July the GSPCA joined Guernsey National Trust for their fantastic annual event Le Viaër Marchi.

Held on the first Monday of July (in any year), Le Viaër Marchi is a colourful and widely anticipated annual event in Guernsey’s calendar and continues to be the Guernsey National Trust’s greatest fundraiser and was certainly another a wonderful 2017.


Northern Trust come to the rescue to help the GSPCA during an extremely busy time - could your work or business help the GSPCA?

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On Tuesday 27th June Northern Trust staff came to the rescue to help with a number of very important jobs that needed to be done that week.

Over the previous three years 106 volunteers from Northern Trust have helped out at the GSPCA, with 38 staff helping in 2014 and a further 26 helping in 2015, 34 in 2016, 8 earlier this year and an additional 8 on the 27th June.


Book your place on a guided tour - 2pm each day 24th to 29th July - Discounts for Islandmums.gg card holders

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This is your opportunity to visit behind the scenes at our Animal Shelter in St Andrews and see the work being carried out for the new build.

We are arranging the guided tours on a series of dates at 2pm.  

We ask for a minimum donation of £6 per person and £4 per child, or £17 for a family of four or £16 with an Islands Mum card.  In 2017 we have some themed tours which are £18 per child or £16 with an Islands Mums card.