It's #GSPCAPurpleWeek - Waitrose are supporting the GSPCA 145th with Green Tokens at their stores this month

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Waitrose Guernsey stores are supporting #GSPCAPurpleMWeek and out 145th all this month.

Check out the GSPCA at Waitrose and support us with your green tokens this February.

When you get your green token please pop in the GSPCA slot in the Community Matters box at the Waitrose stores in Admiral Park and the Rohais.

By placing a token in the Community Matters box at your local branch you’re helping your community and if you choose the slot for the GSPCA helping animals in Guernsey.


Last Day of #GSPCAPurpleWeek - Much needed Birthday gifts are iphones, small counter fridges, kennel floors & see our Wish List

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To help us care for the animals at the GSPCA we often put out appeals for items we are in need of from hay to new commercial dryers.

Caring for 500+ animals means we always need equipment, feed, medications and so much more to run the Shelter, rescue animals and care for them.

We are currently appealing for help towards a new emergency phone to help with our 24/7 service.


Half Term Guided Tours at the GSPCA – Book now to guarantee your place Monday 19 to Friday 23 February

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Would you like to see some of the 500 animals at the GSPCA during half term?

Sadly we aren’t running guided tours during #GSPCAPurpleWeek but next week during half term from Monday 19th February we have a tour at 2pm each day until Friday 23rd February.

This is your opportunity to visit behind the scenes at our Animal Shelter where we have been based for 89 years in St Andrews and gives you the chance to see the work being carried out.


Temperance the seal pup more than doubles his weight #GSPCAPurpleWeek - please help donate to his care

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We are pleased to announce that Temperance the seal pup who was rescued at the start of November last year has more than doubled his weight.

The thinnest ever seal pup we have rescued here in Guernsey at only 11kg is now up to 28.2kg.

Head carer of Temperance GSPCA Animal Collection Officer and Marine Mammal Carer at the GSPCA Geoff George is pleased to report the huge gain in weight and improvements in health.

It is even more special as we enter the last two days of GSPCA Purple Week celebrating 145 years of helping animals in Guernsey.


Collared Lizards abandoned out in the cold left to die

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Just over a week ago two Collared Lizards were rescued after being abandoned outside in the cold with their tank and no heating and would have surely perished if they hadn’t been rescued.

The GSPCA Ambulance Wardens went out to rescue and collect the lizards and on arrival it was apparent they weren’t well.

Once in the warm and provided with food their condition improved but after a closer veterinary examination there were real concerns for one of them.

Mexico on entry weighed just 30g looking very thin and Oklahoma 34g very bloated.


A night of celebrations at the GSPCA

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Last night nearly 145 years since being founded the GSPCA held their 133rd AGM at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews where we have been based since 1929.

With catering kindly supplied by Michelle Champion the members, staff, supporters and those invited enjoyed an evening of celebrations and appointed 4 co-opted committee members since the last AGM.

Some of the key moments over the last few years were highlighted as well as remembering those lost to us and thanking the huge array of team and community supporters that help so much and in so many ways.


Tomas has a wonderful 10th birthday party – details of birthdays and tours at the GSPCA

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Last month Tomas and his friends celebrated his 10th birthday at the GSPCA with a special guided tour and a party in our events room.

Kelly Carre (Mum) said “I just wanted to say thank you so much for letting Tomas celebrate his birthday last month with his party at the GSPCA.”

“Beckie was amazing, very informative during the tour and Tomas and his friends really enjoyed themselves.”

“Tomas loved seeing all the animals, particularly the guinea pigs and hedgehogs and he loved going into the aviary too.”


Great day at the Guernsey Health Show

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On Sunday the GSPCA attended the Guernsey Health Show which was completely free to attend .

Our stall was in the children’s zone and was a fantastic family event.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “A huge thank you to all involved and supported the Guernsey Health Show on Sunday.”

“Not only did we raise £119 we also chatted to many that are looking to help out and volunteer at the GSPCA.”


Save on boarding your pet at the GSPCA in 2018 & collections & drop offs on a Sunday & some Bank holidays

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The GSPCA is giving all of our wonderful customers and supporters a chance to save on 2018 boarding bookings.

Up until 31st January 2018 if you book your pets stay at the GSPCA in our boarding facilities you will be charged at the 2017 rates.

From the 1st February 2018 there is a slight increase in boarding in line with inflation and the new rates can be seen by visiting -


Catrina the cat a year on from near death now enjoying a loving new home

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Do remember Catrina the cat who nearly died last year?

She was found having been hit by a car on a cold, dark, wet evening with multiple injuries, very thin and weak.

It took many months for Catrina to get back to health which included operations, medication and a lot of TLC.

Just before Christmas Catrina was given the okay to be rehomed by the vet and it didn’t take long to find her a wonderful new family.

We’ve just heard from Catrina’s new mum and wanted to share the great news.