Stray timid dog Phoebe is lost between L'Ancresse and Beaucette Marina - All sightings please call the GSPCA 01481 257261

Submitted by Steve on 13:46, 13th Mar, 2017 | 0

Yesterday a very timid dog called Phoebe was lost near Key Price.

Phoebe is a white and brown shih tzu who went missing when out on a walk yesterday.

The owners have been out all hours in search of their lost dog and have asked us to share her details in case you see her.

Phoebe is very shy so unlikely to approach strangers.

Sightings of Phoebe have been between L'Ancresse and Beaucette Marina.

If you spot her we are asking if you call us here at the GSPCA on 01481 257261.