North Show fun and first GSPCA Battle of Flowers Float thanks to Jo Hardill, her friends and family – thanks to all involved

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Last month we took the GSPCA stall along to the North Show.  The North Show is one of the main events in Guernsey's summer calendar, and takes place in the wonderful rural setting of Saumarez Park.

The Guernsey North Show and Battle of Flowers is run by the Northern Agricultural and Horticultural Society and the GSPCA are very grateful to them for allowing us to come along.


A‘parrotly’ not a stow away parakeet but a stray bird checking out the Crystal Symphony Cruise Liner

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Every year we help hundreds of stray animals find their way home but last month one feathered stray decided he wanted to take a holiday before being reunited with his owners.

Last month the GSPCA had a call from the harbour about a stray parakeet that had been found on the Crystal Symphony Cruise Ship that had flown on board while they were anchored at Guernsey.


Voluntourists off the Crystal Cruises at the GSPCA

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Last month the GSPCA welcomed two groups of Voluntourists from the Crystal Symphony.

On the 11th August Joni Lamm, Linda Drapeau, Sharon Summerhayer, Geoff Coman, Mary Brown and Gordan Porth were greeted by GSPCA staff member Beckie Smith and on 15th August Sally Vagias, Alan Freeman and Myra Freeman were greeted by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne.

The Voluntourists who were on their holidays from around the world when they arrived at the Shelter had a short induction and were then set to help the staff and care for the many animals at the GSPCA.


Bernard racing at the Donkey Derby – thank you to all that supported and helped

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We would like to thank the Lions Club of Guernsey and all involved for another well run and great Donkey Derby.

GSPCA staff and volunteers spent Saturday 19th August in Saumarez Park raising funds for the animals in Guernsey.

The stall was set up in the sunshine and we raised in excess of £600 for the many animals in our care.


Thank you to all that supported and helped at our GSPCA Flag Day

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This year the GSPCA Flag Day has taken place in two halves in the Summer and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved from Michelle Champion who organised the days, all that collected including many pets, the locations for allowing us to collect and of course to all that donated.

The main part of the Flag Day took place on the 19th August and all around Guernsey you could see our fantastic volunteers and collectors as well as the many supporters that donated sporting their GSPCA flag day stickers.


EY CI volunteers help out at the GSPCA

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At the end of July 18 EY staff came along to the GSPCA to help with grounds around site at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

Anoushka Horgan, Alannah Minto, Latoya Copsie, Anna-Kay Aitken, Jemma Green, Toby Belton, Adam Smith, Hannah Campbell, Sophie Cowley, Tom Honour, Patrick Swan, Oliver Tonge, George Steventon, Mikey Wildman, Molly Hamilton, Steph Skiming, Rose Ahier and Glenn Horman all came along to help out with a kind donation that helped buy equipment for the team of wonderful volunteers from Ernst & Young LLP to help around the grounds at the GSPCA.


Family Fun Day, Car Boot Sale, Fun Dog Show & Childrens Films at the Mallard Cinema Sunday 1st October in aid of GSPCA

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On Sunday 1st October we are holding a Fun Family Day, Car Boot Sale and Fun Dog Show at the Mallard Cinema and through the day the GSPCA takes over all 4 screens to show a selection of films which we can now announce.

With plenty of parking and two huge fields there is plenty of room for all and with so much to see and do indoor and out we are looking forward to an exciting day.

Please contact GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne if you would like to book a pitch or if you can help volunteer on the day


Lost dog Rufus has been sighted between St Andrews & St Martins - Sightings please call GSPCA 01481 257261 or Matt 07781411291

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On Wednesday 6th September Rufus a 7 year old cockapoo became lost near Aladdin's Cave.

Rufus is a white and cream cockapoo and has been seen a number of times between St Andrews and St Martins over the last few days, especially near Havilland Hall.

The owners have been out all hours in search of their lost dog and have asked us to share their details in case you see him.

Rufus has appeared very shy so unlikely to approach strangers or people he doesn't know and if you see him please contact the numbers below as soon as possible.


An extremely busy Hedgehog year at the GSPCA

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Since the start of 2017 the GSPCA have helped over 320 hedgehogs making it one of the busiest years on record with 4 months still to go.

Last night the latest baby hedgehog which was named Pins was found gasping and very thin and has spent the night in an intensive care unit with special food and care.

During the Summer at one point we had over 130 hedgehogs meaning the most hedgehogs we have ever had at one time in our care.


Support our Tombola at the Vale Earth Fair this weekend

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This weekend please support the Vale Earth Fair at Vale Castle.

Thanks to some kind volunteers we will have a tombola or two raising funds for the 500+ animals in our care.

To visit their page, buy tickets and full information of the great things happening and line up of bands please visit -