Update from the States Vet - WARNING TO ALL RABBIT OWNERS - Rabbit Haemorraghic Viral Disease 2 killing rabbits in Guernsey

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Earlier this week the GSPCA released information about a virus that has killed a number of rabbits in Guernsey called RHVD2 which can be seen by visiting - http://gspca.org.gg/blog/warning-all-rabbit-owners-rabbit-haemorraghic-viral-disease-2-killing-rabbits-guernsey


WARNING TO ALL RABBIT OWNERS - Rabbit Haemorraghic Viral Disease 2 killing rabbits in Guernsey

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The GSPCA is asking all rabbits to take great care as Rabbit Haemorraghic Viral Disease (RHVD2) variant 2 has been discovered here in Guernsey.

The fatal disease is a huge risk to unvaccinated rabbits and especially to those in outside enclosures.

The GSPCA has been in close communication with local vets and the States Vet after concerns of a possible disease affecting rabbits from around Guernsey over recent weeks.


2 bunnies adopted from the GSPCA loving their new home

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We love to hear from animals that have been adopted from the GSPCA.

Yesterday we received this wonderful message from the owners of two rabbits adopted from the GSPCA last year:

We just wanted to send you an update of two bunnies we adopted in October. They have been re named Coco & Fudge (aka Madonna & Roulenska), we love them so very much and think they are very happy with us too! Lexi & Carrie xx

At the GSPCA we have nearly a dozen rabbits in need of homes some of which were at the Shelter when these two were in our care.


Baby bunny rescued with a broken leg - have you lost your baby rabbit?

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This morning a baby bunny has been rescued with a broken leg.

The young animal was found near Genats Estate in Castel and has just been to the vets to be seen what can be done to help this poor defenceless young rabbit.

GSPCA Ambulance Volunteer Warden Andrew Green rushed the injured bunny to the vets and thankfully despite his injury he has received initial treatment and has received treatments including pain relief.

The GSPCA are appealing for the owner to please call us on 257261 as soon as possible.


A fluffle of rabbits - 45 rabbits in need of good homes at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we are currently seeing the highest numbers of rabbits we have ever had.

In the last month we have rehomed 15 rabbits to loving new homes and we are currently caring for 45 who are available for adoption.


Bumper Bunny Numbers in need of homes at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we are currently inundated with rabbits looking for good homes and earlier this week we had a total of 42 in need.

Thankfully we have rehomed 6 in the last few days but we are appealing for forever homes for the many remaining bunnies.

Alice, Apple, Berty, Carlton, Celeste, Chance, Charlie, Christopher, Claudia, Eric, Finn, Friday, Honey, Huerbet and many more need your help.

Whether you are looking for a rabbit or can help spread the word of these lovely rabbits it would be hugely appreciated.


Whats the theme of the new budgies names and we now have 23 rabbits in need of homes

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On Friday we asked for name ideas for 19 budgies and 6 baby bunnies that were coming in to the GSPCA Animal Shelter. 

We decided to call the new budgies - Brandi Pansy, Carl Sweetpea, Clemantis Harding, Gary Lotus, Iris McQuillan, Isla Honeysuckle, James Jasmine, Jenny Petunia, Jess Dahlia, John Rose, Kay Camellia, Laura Carnation, Lilly Wilkinson, Poppy Cathcart, Rob Bluebell, Shuan Zinnia, Sophia Orchid, Tamara Daisy and Tulip Huston.

Can you spot the theme?


Rabbit Awareness Week - Carter finds his forever home but we have 17 more in need

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On Monday Carter one of our bunnies went to his forever home during what is nationally known as Rabbit Awareness Week.

Every year the GSPCA help nearly 200 wild and domestic rabbits in Guernsey.

Carter is one of many rex rabbits that have come into the GSPCA needing a new home and had been in our care for nearly 3 months.

We currently have 17 rabbits in need and the longest stay are Liquorice and Honey who arrived in the summer last year.


Doretta our longest stay rabbit hops off to her happy forever home

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Today staff at the GSPCA were overjoyed to wave off Doretta the longest stay rabbit to her new home.

Doretta was brought into the GSPCA for rehomng on the 5th December 2012, which means she has been in need of a loving home for nearly 2 years.

Doretta has seen many rabbits come and go with nearly 200 passing through the Shelter during her time, but today it was her turn.

Doretta has lived out in a pen over looking our pond on Bunny Hop Hill at the GSPCA and has had a lovely time.


Rabbit Awareness Week - 5 rabbits in need of a home at the GSPCA in Guernsey & 4 babies rescued now being hand reared

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At the GSPCA we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome between 100 and 200 rabbits every year.

Each May Rabbit Awareness Week takes place and rescues highlight the rabbits in their care, those needed homes and good practice caring for rabbits.

Often called the forgotten pet the GSPCA are often called out to rabbits in need that may have dirty cages, no fresh food and very little to do.

Rabbits are highly social animals and really need company, but it is very important to neuter and vaccinate them at the same time.