Stray dog Molly is very shy around the Ladies Bay area - All sightings please call 07781 417515

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Currently a very shy dog is loose around the Ladies Bay area.

Molly a 7 year old black and tan cross breed went missing when out on a walk Tuesday morning.

The owners have been out day and night in search of Molly and have asked us to share her details in case you see her.

Molly has recently had a groom and trim and is wearing a red collar with cream paw prints with a tag with the owners details.

Molly is a rescue dog and very shy so unlikely to approach strangers.


Increase in calls about dogs worrying sheep and livestock - please ensure your dogs aren't putting other animals at risk

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In the last week the GSPCA have had a number of calls of dogs worrying livestock and not under control in public places.

During Spring many farm and wild animals are preparing to give birth or nest and dogs not kept under control can really put these animals and their young at risk.

Over the last few days the GSPCA have been out daily to sheep that have escaped from fields and some have been as a direct result to dogs being out with no owner in sight chasing the animals from their enclosures.


101 dalmatians and more puppies and dogs in desperate need of homes at the GSPCA

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Today the GSPCA have just put up for rehoming over 101 Dalmatians.

The dogs were brought in as the owner decided they could no longer care for them.

From puppies to adults the many dogs are as yet to be named.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "The team have been kept very with so many new dogs in need of homes."

"We have never seen so many Dalmatians in one place in Guernsey."

"They are all shapes and sizes from puppies to adults and at the GSPCA we would love to find them their forever homes."


Help us put together a Guernsey dog friendly pub, restaurant and cafe list

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At the GSPCA we often get approached with the question 'Where can I take my dog?'

We have recently launched a facebook page to help us put a webpage together so that those with dogs and visiting canine owners can make the most of those dog friendly locations in Guernsey.


Guernsey Breaking News - Dead wet muddy insect covered cat arrives at GSPCA is revived to a fit & well dog despite a nose injury

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On Monday night a very upset member of public arrived with what was believed to be a dead cat that had been found and kindly placed into a box wrapped in a blanket.

The member of public arrived out of hours and was greeted by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who was on night duty.

The kind individual was asked to take a seat and for details while the GSPCA Manager checked in the receiving room what was thought to be a dead cat for any identification or microchip.


Please send us your pictures of your dogs in work today, tag @GSPCA and hashtag #BringYourDogToWorkDay to join this global day

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It's Friday 24th June so please post your pictures of your dog in work today so we can see the lucky pooches who will be in vans, offices and schools with their owners.

When posting online to share please tag @GSPCA and why not hastag #BringYourDogToWorkDay to join others with this global day.

Having a dog in the room can make human colleagues more cooperative, reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and productivity.


Next Friday June 24th is 'Bring Your Dog to Work Day' - instead of a dress down day could your dog come to work for a donation

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Next Friday June 24th is Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Having a dog in the room can make human colleagues more cooperative, reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and productivity.

When adopting a dog or any animal from the GSPCA we often ask how many hours potential owners may be at work.  Perhaps the question should actually be - are you able to take your dog to work?

Discussing the benefits of taking a dog to work might just result in a match with a dog we have in for homing.


WARNING TO DOG OWNERS - white oily substance found on Guernseys coast could pose a danger to dogs

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The Environment Department is advising dog owners to keep pets away from any white substance they may find on local beaches.

Small lumps of a white waxy substance have been found today at Grandes Rocques Bay by a member of the public. Lumps of a similar substance found in south Devon and Cornwall in December 2014 were identified as degraded edible oil or fat. If the substance is degraded oil, whilst not harmful to human health, it could pose a danger to dogs if it has gone rancid.


Winter Advice for Guernsey's Animals and Birds from the GSPCA

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With cold winter weather soon to be upon us the GSPCA want pet owners to consider all the animals of Guernsey.

During a cold snap the GSPCA are on full alert, ready to deal with a variety of animals affected by the low temperatures.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "With Winter on its way, at the GSPCA we want to ensure pets and other animals kept and live outside are safe and have all they need."


A wonderful Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday - thank you to all involved and supported

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On Sunday the GSPCA held the fourth ever Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday in St Peter Port.

Each year since 2012 the team at the Animal Shelter work extremely hard to put on a day to celebrate animals in Guernsey.

Once again thousands of visitors and locals enjoyed what was a wonderful day packed with things to see and do.

Stall holders and the GSPCA team arrived during the early hours of Sunday to set up ready for the first event which was the fantastic Battle of Britain Parade which takes place along the seafront just after 940am.