Thank you Lucy and Grace two great work experience young ladies from St Sampsons High School helping at the GSPCA

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All this week two students from St Sampsons High School have been helping out at the GSPCA.

Grace Juggins and Lucy Hockey have been helping care for the 350 animals at the Shelter and learning about the work of the GSPCA.

Both have been a fantastic help and we thought we needed to make a special mention as they have worked so well and we have enjoyed their company as both have been extremely polite, hard working and very interested in the many areas of the Shelter.


Two wonderful young ladies from Les Beaucamps High have a great work experience at the GSPCA

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This week two young ladies interested in an animal care career have been helping out at the GSPCA.

Nathalie Cloarec and Tia Barnett from Les Beaucamps High spent this week working with the team at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

Where as many of their fellow students were carrying out work experience 9am to 5pm, Nathalie and Tia although only worked a 4 day week but their shifts were much longer being from 8am in the morning until 6pm at night as the staff at the GSPCA have to work.


Gert asks 'What are you doing for World Animal Day this Tuesday?'

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Quack, quack,


What quacktastic weather we are all having.  So nice and sunny for this time of year. I hear the staff calling it an Indian Summer which is funny because I’m supposedly an Indian Running Duck!!!