8 year old Jack is inspired to be silent for animals at the GSPCA after his visit with Cubs - see here to sponsor him

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Last week the GSPCA celebrated 144 years helping animals in Guernsey with GSPCA Purple Week.

Many got involved and we are hugely thank you to all that supported and especially to a very special young man called Jack.

Jack Le Sauvage is 8 years old and goes to St Martins Primary School and is in Year 4 in Miss Dyke’s class.

Jack completed a 24-hour sponsored silence on Friday 17 February, during the GSPCA’s Purple Week – including a full day at school.


Please sponsor Lucy's 10 weeks dry in aid of the GSPCA and the many animals in our care

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A message from Lucy Machon who is taking a personal challenge to raise funds to help the many animals at the GSPCA -


New website giving.gg is launched with GSPCA Olivia the turtle appeal & the Association of Guernsey Charities & volunteer.gg

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Yesterday GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne met with the Chairman of the Association of Guernsey Charities Peter Rose and the wonderful volunteers behind charity.gg volunteer.gg and the newly launched giving.gg

The reason for the invite was to help with the media launch of this wonderful new website that will help local charities have a free way to generate donations and appeals online.


Can you help Monkey the diabetic cat - APPEAL for a poorly cat

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At the end of May a lovely 9 year old cat came into the GSPCA after her owner could no longer care for her.

Sadly 'Monkey' as she is called has diabetes and needs a specialist diet and injections twice a day.

We have seen many diabetic cats at the GSPCA over the years and the most famous of all is Mr Chips a big silver tabby who is doing very well in his home as we still get regular updates from them.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said "We have to monitor Monkey regularly and ensure she has a special food, but she is adorable"


Stray cat Rubis isn't over the worst yet and needs your help

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Last month Rubis an entire black and white stray cat was handed into the GSPCA.

Full of cuts and bites this very affectionate cat that had no chip or collar came in with a number of injuries.

Inline with the 2012 legislation every stray animal including cats have to be held for 21 days whilst we try and find their owner.

Sadly with no microchip, collar or anyone coming forward for Rubis he hasn't been claimed.

During his time at the Shelter we have found that Rubis with his lovely friendly nature and his wounds now healed has other health issues.


Thank you from the GSPCA to the 4 brave lads who've completed their challenge climbing Mt Blanc

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We are over joyed to announce that Andy Alford, Guy Rogers and Ben Byrom from Guernsey plus a friend for London, Rich Harland, have completed their challenge climbing Mt Blanc.

Andrew Alford said "Just wanted to write a quick thank you to everyone that’s sponsored us on the climb and to say we’re back."

"After a tough few days training/hiking/climbing we reached the mountain hut on Thursday 7th before summiting on Friday 8th at around 6.30am just as the sun came up."

"Amazing week, a few scary moments, and with a new found love for heights and climbing."


Four friends take on the challenge of Mont Blanc to raise funds for animals in Guernsey

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Andy Alford and friends are about to do something very special to raise funds for the GSPCA. Here is a short message from him about a very brave challenge he and some of his friends are undertaking:

"As some of you know and for those that don’t, myself, Guy Rogers and Ben Byrom from Guernsey plus a friend for London, Rich Harland, have decided to climb Mt Blanc this summer.


Event - Student Officers Half-Island Walk for the GSPCA on Good Friday - Update on times

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It is customary for each intake of probationary student officers to arrange a charity event to raise money for a charity of their choosing. This is not compulsory but is embraced by most Student Officer Intakes as a way to go out into the community that they are preparing to ultimately Police.

Guernsey Police Student Officers Class 1 of 2014 have chosen the GSPCA as their charity of choice.

Their chosen event is a half island walk.  Anyone who wishes to join them for any part of the walk is more than welcome, and your furry friends are welcome too. 


Guernsey Police Students Sponsored Walk in Animal Onesies on Good Friday - please join or sponsor them

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It is customary for each intake of probationary student officers to arrange a charity event to raise money for a charity of their choosing. Share

A huge thank you from the GSPCA to Richard Hardie for his sponsored 'No Drink Challenge'

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The GSPCA would like to extend a huge thank you to Richard Hardie (you may know from the Livingroom) who between the dates of Monday the 14th October and the 13th November did not drink any alcohol to raise funds for the GSPCA. 

Richard who even went on holiday during this time and attended the GSPCA Masquerade Ball managed to stay on the soft drinks and raise a grand total of £1,120.